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The Pilgrims of the VIA FRANCIGENA

The Via Francigena, a collection of routes and itineraries that from Canterbury to England lead to Rome and then continue to Puglia to follow at sea and arrive in the Holy Land.

The Tourist Office of Oulx is a welcome point for pilgrims and walkers on the way to Rome or to Santiago de Compostela, who are offered collaboration and help to find a home for the night or a council for the route in exchange for a photos of their passage on the city of Oulx.

31 ottobre 2020 Pellegrino Massimiliano
Massimiliano from Rome- "I am an experienced pilgrim with lots of kilometers travelled, from Rome I have travelled on the Compostela path and on Francigena Way : the current emergency situation had stopped me to follow the project I have planned for 2020, but I took the chance to walk over Francigena Way to meet some Piedmonts friends."
31 October, 2020
26 luglio 2020 Pellegrine Stefania, Chaira, Alice e Adele
Stefania, Chiara, Alice e Adele - "We are four friends coming from 4 different regions :Lombardy, Veneto ,Lazio and Piedmont and together we decided to start the first of our paths with sun shining along the Susa Valley on the Francigena Way"
26 July, 2020
19 luglio 2020 Pellegrini Juan e Gustavo
Gustavo e Juan- "Italy is our working nation since some time, we came from South America, we love walking and together we have travelled along some pilgrims paths as Compostela : now we are coming from Montgenevre , with a little stop in Oulx to follow the Francigena Way to Vercelli"
19 July, 2020
Due pellegrini Francesi
Two French Pilgrims — “We started from Leon in Spain, but right there a phone call came from the job that called me back to France ... After 6 months we resumed the journey from where we had interrupted ...”
27 June, 2019
Due pellegrini Italiani
Two Italian Pilgrims — “We started the journey together with Monginevro and we are headed to Rome ... We both have to get back to work in a few days, but as soon as we have vacation we will start the journey where we left off!"
30 June, 2019
Michel pellegrino
Michel — “I go to Rome, this time alone, I made the journey to Santiago first with my wife who followed me only for a few days, then I finished it with my niece. Every grandfather should walk a few days with his grandchildren!”
28 June, 2019
28 marzo 2018 Martin
Martin- “Martin is an ex professor of geology and geothermal who left in February 2016 the Norway to make a journey through Europe between Santiago , Rome , Assisi and Jerusalem , in his feet nearly 20.000km..”When I arrive in Oulx I am at home….” “
5 August, 2018
15 aprile 2018 Pablo e Irene
Pablo e Irene- "He come from Brazil and she come from Ravenna , they want to know better each other and for that they decided to walk together until Rome following the Francigena Way and then to continue to Santiago "
15 April, 2018
5 agosto 2018 Riccardo
Riccardo- “I am coming from Padova , I am a sport man and I like challenges : in 2017 I ride the Via Alta n.2 in the Dolomites and now I follow the Francigena Way to reach the Domizian Way and I want to arrive in Perpignan “
5 August, 2018