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The Via Francigena is also in Oulx!

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The opening hours of the tourist office and the library can be found in the “Tourist Office” section.

Orario Ufficio Turistico

Orario Biblioteca

We are part of a cooperative called


The Casa delle Culture, the CAF and the Edison desk are located at Via Vittorio Emanuele n. 24 within the same structure.

The police office is located on the first floor of Piazza Garambois 2 -Oulx above the tourist office

Parking is free in Garambois square every day, except Wednesday morning due to the market. The first row of parking lots is limited to two hours of parking to be indicated with parking disk.

If you do not have a parking disk, it is sufficient to note on a sheet the time of arrival and place it clearly in view on the dashboard.

The timetables can be consulted on the relative websites of transport providers and on the “Arrive and Move” section

On Wednesday morning and located in Piazza Garambois 2, in the summer there is a market in the hamlet of Beaulard.

The tourist office offers the possibility of storing bags and luggage for a few hours for free (always within the limits of size and decency).

The timetables of Holy Masses can be consulted on the Diocese’s website

You can find a letterbox: next to the post office in Piazza Masino, next to the pharmacy in Corso Montenero, next to the Bar jack on the Monginevro highway.

If you can’t find the letterbox, leave us your postcards and we’ll send them for you!

The Pharmacy is located in Corso Montenero.

To consult the pharmacies on duty, visit the site:

The program of events can be downloaded from our homepage!

The Summer booklet “l’Estate in Valle” published by Frejus radio can be consulted at their website.

The excursions organized on our territory vary according to the seasons.

It is possible to stay up to date by consulting the section of the site related to trekking!

The baby parking is located behind the elementary schools in Piazza Garambois n.12

More info on their website

During the opening hours of the tourist office it is possible to use the internal services.

The shopping center is 2 km from our office in Via statale del Monginevro in the direction of Turin.

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