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The Via Francigena is also in Oulx!


Starting point and arrival: Amazas (1180 m)

Maximum Height: Vazon (1641 m)
Height Difference: 461 m
Climbing time: 3h30

Water points: Amazas, Soubras Vazon

Rest points: Refuge la Chardousë, Vazon

Difficulty: Easy path

Mapping: Fraternali n.1 1 :25.000 Alta Valle Susa

Access. Take the national road SS.24 to Montgenevre and stop at village of Amazas on the right , take the time to visit the village with the traditional mountain architecture: stone houses, fountains, the ancient oven and the school, the little 16th century chapel dedicated to Saint Andrew
Path. The itinerary passes in three little hamlets of Oulx, nowadays inhabited but once rich of life on the south side on the foothills of Cotolivier.

Follow the dirt road (longer way) that reach the Saint Barnabas Chapel located in a panoramic position where a pre-roman necropolis was found: Soubras (1480 m), in the middle of the meadows that is worth a visit. Some traditional mountain lodges where some carved stones indicate dates of buildings or owners ‘s initials, the Saint Roch church with the date 1827 on the front side (probably restore date) the parsonage preserve two frescoes in bad conditions : on the left the Lady with the Child, on the right two Angels with the IHS in their hands. Pass the little lanes of Soubras and continue to Vazon: a precious fountain dated back 1857 with a wooden roof, the Our Lady of the Snow Chapel dated back of 1710 and other traditional houses like the welcoming refuge La Chardousë form the ancient village.

To come back follow the dirt road that take to Soubras through meadows full of orchids in springtime, pass the ancient arch house with a cross and the carved initials A.E.F.G. take left to Amazas

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