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The Via Francigena is also in Oulx!


Starting point and arrival: Puy Beaulard 1450m

Maximum Height: Chapel of Madonna della Sanità (1922m)
Height Difference: 472 m
Climbing time: 3h

Water points: Refour , Chapel of Saint Justus
Difficulty: Easy path

Mapping: Fraternali n.1 1 :25.000 Alta Valle Susa

Access: from Beaulard follow the road to Puy Beaulard park near the cemetery

Path. Follow the dirt road that on the left go to Refour, the alpine pasture of Beaulard, where there are some important examples of log building. Near the wood fountain take the trail to the right and after the pillar of Saint Clare take left until the pillar of Saint Lawrence and continue till a panoramic grassy plane at the foot of the Gran Hoche, reach the stream of Saint Justus till the Chapel. This is a devotional place restored in different times for the inhabitants of Beaulard. Legend says that here fled Saint Justus and Saint Flaviano looking for shelter after escaping from the monastery fired by the Saracens at the beginning of the 10th century. They tell that Saint Justus climbed on a larch of seven tips to look at the ancient monastery on fire and decided to join the people to suffer martyrdom together. Go back to the panoramic grassy plane and follow the path through a larch forest, continue up on the dirt road coming from Puy Beaulard till the stream Sanità, on the left there is the Chapel of Sanità and the landscape on Mulattiera col, Colomion and Charrà. To come back follow down the path that reach the pillar of Saint Clare and then Refour and Puy Beaulard.

It is possible to start the path from Beaulard passing near by the Church following Puy Beaulard direction

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