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Located at the foothill of the Vin Vert Mountain, the chalk mines of Signols represent the most important activity of chalk extraction in Susa Valley and were used until the end of the sixties in the 20th century. The place is very interesting from the geological and mineral point of view but also for the testimonials of the industrial archaeology here preserved: tracks, trolleys and pylons to transport the chalk. An ancient oven is the evidence of the production of building plaster

Starting point and arrival: Signols (1110 m)

Maximum Height: Cave di gesso (1470 m)
Height Difference: 360 m
Climbing time: 2h30

Water points: Signols

Difficulty: Easy path

Mapping: Fraternali n.1 1 :25.000 Alta Valle Susa

Access. Follow the road to Bardonecchia and after Signols take right on the first road opposite to Casa Alpina Don Macario and park
Path. An illustrated panel show the visitors the path to the Chalk mine that has been put in security in 2008 by the Oulx administration and preserved by the Consorzio Forestale Alta Valle di Susa.
The area is a part of the “Sito di Interesse Comunitario” called“Oasi Xerotermica di Oulx-Auberge” characterised by the predominance of limestone rocks of a great importance for the exploitation of the territory resources from the mineralogic point of view. Follow the dirt road until the iron bar that stops the access to the cars, continue the path on the right for 15 minutes or follow the dirt road and then take on the right the Ourettas path- longer but easier- for about 1 h, reach the minerally site, that has been utilised from 1881 to the sixties. The mines at open air and in the mountains -of about 2 kilometres long -were served by tracks and trolleys with pylons to transport the chalk down to the place called Portetta

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