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33^Monferraglia Edition-Oulx

The Monferraglia is a sort of a goliardic experience , non competitive gathering open to all owners of single way moped in accordance with the road code. Participants must wear mustache -also girls, theme clothing for this 33th Edition will be the Saracens because the itinerary go to the Saracens Gallery at 3000 meter high

The Paddock of the evening before is an unique moment , with the groups all together to taste local prelibacy in a warming ambiance showing the little motos in some town defilés .
Monferraglia is not a competition even if a winner is elected : in accordance to many questions and answers during the path or by a photographs competion,

For further informations : https://www.monferraglia.it/news/1-111/33a–Monferraglia–Sammer-Peak-30—Oulx-(TO)/

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