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Educate us to Educate III

The  Direzione Didattica Lambert  of Oulx in collaboration with  Elisabetta Serra , psychologist and psychotherapist ,organize for the third year consecutive some educational evening meetings for parents and teachers open to everybody, of confrontation about the psycho-educative themes particulary on the pre-adolescence and adolescence on school dyinamics. Meetings will be on the Oulx Council Room or in the Bardonecchia School Video Room at 8.30 p.m.

Programme :

23 January in Oulx “Preadolescence and adolescence some myths to discredite ” from 8.30 p.m. -20 February in Bardonecchia “Comunication between school and family : we always understand us?” –19 March in Oulx “The values grow with us , the moral development in the different ages ” -23 April in Bardonecchia “Educate and not only teach or take care ” –21 May in a Oulx “Educate us at the benevolence to educate at the valorisation of everybody ”

Meetings are open and free for everybody , they are organized with the contribution of the Municipalities of the High Susa Valley , and at the end of the educational period a certificate of participation will be issued . The programme can have some variations for further informations contact the Oulx Tourism Office at tel 0122 832369 iat@comune.oulx.to.it

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