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Project 2019 -Citizenship of the environment

In the context of the “Project 2019 -School of good citizenship” the Municipality of Oulx in collaboration with IISS Des Ambrois , Casa delle Culture, Avviso Pubblico, Borgate dal Vivo , Cinemability , Unitre and AVS , with the support of the Unione Montana Alta Valle Susa, organize a number of meetings on the citizenship theme Second meeting at the Council hall of Oulx : “Citizenship of the environment : build paths against the climate changings ” Introducing Giorgio Brezzo, reporter of the Valsusa newspaper, the students of the “Friday for Future “of the Des Ambrois Insititute and Luca Giunti of Rete Valsusa discuss with Luca Mercalli at 8.30 p.m
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