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525 Free Fair

The fair is born in 1494 to compensate the damage caused by the transit of the Charles the Eight armies in Susa Valley on the way to the conquest of the kingdom of Naples.The King Charles’ army camped in Oulx and asked the local population for big sacrifice as did the Renato d’Angio’ Army. To compesate the community of damages caused, the King give at the town of Oulx the permission to have a Free tax Fair at the end of the summertime: from 1494, the Fair is visited by the all the neighboughring people creating some commercial exchanges between the occitan transalpine population.
Later on on march 1529, Francis the First gave the community of Oulx the possibility to have a week market on saturday and then on recent times it has been established the  Fiera dello Scapolare on the 15  july .
From 1983 in the same day it takes place the  “Rassegna Zootecnica dell’Alta Valle di Susa” a sort of zootechnical exhibition that turn into a big feast for breeders prized for their activities despite the difficulties of living and breeding on mountains. In this day local products are sold on the numerous stalls: cheese, honey ,mountain vegetables and fruits, mermelades, biscuits,chestnut , delicacies of the season.In this day local products are sold on the numerous stalls: cheese, honey ,mountain vegetables and fruits, jams, biscuits ,chestnut , delicacies of the season. It is possible to admire the work of the local school of wood carving, Susa Valley traditional costumes, to know the traditions, to listen to folcloric and occitan musical groups, to the local music bands and to watch at the transhumance. During the day in the centre of Oulx the streets are decorated in mountain and traditional way, with ancient farm tools everywhere.

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