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The Via Francigena is also in Oulx!

Oulx Fountains

Along Via Des Ambrois on a high Arcade, a fountain dated back 1504 has a column and 5 spouts and is considered the oldest fountain of High Susa Valley territory. In the slab there are sculpted the tigram IHS, and probably the signature of the artist. It seems that under the Arcade it was also the pillory, the toll weighing machine with the effigies of the Lily and the Dolphin and the date 1552. In the Garambois square there is a fountain dated back 1531 with a square basin and a column with four spouts. This fountain was transfered here on agust 1933 from the Poyà quarter, nowadays Dorato Square, where it was already put on a corner because of the new connection between three differents streets: Via Roma, Via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Monginevro.

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