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The village is located on the right side of the Bardonecchia Valley not far away from Beaulard. Situated on a sort of highland protected by the “Il Forte” (sort of a rock mountain just in front of the village where in 1593 a fortress has been built to watch over the Susa High Valley, abandoned in 1610) between the  Rio Supire and Champeiron, in front of the Mountain Clotesse and Grand’Hoche. The oral tradition tells that the village has been built at the feet of the “Il Forte” before the fire of 1700. The main points of interest are: the Saint Barthelemy Church dated 1493, with a typical French bell tower, a portal dated 1690 with the sculpted architrave of 1740. The village is the point of departure for the excursions to the Guido Rey Refuge and to the Grand’Hoche mountain.

From 2017 the Chateau Association has restored the ancient elementary school transforming it in a little Museum that show the hard farmer life and the school as it was during the ’60 of the XXth century .The museum is open in summertime thanks to the volunteers of the association and people can visit the ancient classroom with the original furniture and all the school supplies but also see the typical mountain agricultural tools used at the beginnng of the XX century .

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