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The Via Francigena is also in Oulx!


Signols is located on the National Road to Bardonecchia at 1105 m. above sea level. The little Saint Sixtus Pope church is situated near a bitter water fountain dated 1866. Here there were the quarry and the gypusm factory ; nowadays some farmer take care of the fields and meadows and raise cows and sheep. The Signols Gypusm Quarries, used till seventeen century, are of great interest from a landscape, environmental and mineralogical point of view.They are inserted in the “Sito di Interesse Comunitario “SIC” called “Oasi Xerotermica di Oulx – Auberge” characterized by a dense forest of pine. In the Forest there are some rests of a cableway and quarry structures while in the gypsum wall open some galleries. The area is important for the mineralogy researchers because in 2006 was discovered the Ambrinoite: potassium sulfo hydrated salt, unique in the world.

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