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The Via Francigena is also in Oulx!


“La chardouse” takes its name from the “Carlina” flower which was hanged on the doors or in front of the houses as charm against the evil night spirits and as a omen of good luck or, according to others, it prevented witches passage and it also was an advertiser for the arrival of the rain. Claudio and Valentina dedicated the last years to restructure and reorganize the hut, paying attention to recover the original spaces with the aim to create a structure that can satisfy each client, from the one who wants to stay for a period, to the other who wants to eat something traditional or simple sandwiches. The hut is open all year round and it is possibile to reach it by car or by foot on summer season and by snowshoes or ski mountaneering in winter season.

We offer the best hospitality, assistance and hiking tips on our wonderful territory“.

Borgata Vazon n.5
Tel. +39 339 608 5107

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